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I often come across a question like, “I wish to blog in English, but encounter so many mistakes”. Not just to mention Blogging, but many job opportunities entwined to knowledge in English.And the chances get a miss due to the lack of depth in this language.So in this aspect, In my style, I would like to welcome you all to a story which says about a magic lamp for the aspirants of English language.


Our hero Rambabu wishes for two things strongly, one to see India free from dirty Caste–Creed and Religion issues, the other one is to pen a love letter in Good English.

Due to ill fate once, instead of searching for love letter online, he has done it for a leave message.As he felt content wise it is fair, Just took the printout of the same and handed over to a girl. She scolded him in English and left; anyhow he didn’t understand what she said luckily!! But he understood why she reacted that way.

By following the suggestion from a friend that English improves by watching English movies, he started to watch English movies continuously. His language doesn’t improve, but he dreams about the English movie heroines. And more surprisingly, those Heroines are communicating with our Rambabu in Telugu.

Started getting English newspapers to improve his Language and read them continuously for 90 days.Even, it doesn’t turn well, and it became only favor to the Sattibabu whose business is to buy old newspapers.


There are so many Rambabu’s among us, Acquiring the knowledge of any skill depends on practically how much we use it rather than upon how much we learn it. So, in short who ever wants to master English, should speak it, write it as well along with learning and hearing.

There are people around us who can correct if we communicate wrongly. But who can be there to treat the mistakes with our writings?

So here comes a solution to this problem in the form of an online tool Grammarly.

How does Grammarly tool work?

Initially after getting registered with this tool, we can place the content we write into this instrument, and it shows the mistakes if any.In addition to that, it also shows the correct format.

It is not needed to upload the content every time we write into this tool, we have Internet browser extensions.

Install it on the web browsers we use, For, e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., So from then onwards, whenever we type something over the Internet, it shows if any mistakes exist and also the format of the correct sentences and spellings, etc.,

Even if you write some mail or putting status update over Facebook or type something on MS Word Document, this tool comes for your help.So in addition to writing English, we can parallelly learn it too.

You can see from the below screen how it shows Grammatical mistakes and sentence formation errors, and specifies the correct way too.By clicking upon the right format, our script automatically changes to correct modifications.

grammarly tool

Get seven days  premium version  for Free:

This free version has very limited features compared to Premium version.And needless to say that without using this premium version, it is a bit tricky to get to know what this tool completely offers. And no need to worry, this premium version can be used for one full week at no cost for free.

Click here to get Grammarly 7 day premium version for Free.

Once you click on the above link, you can see the screen as below.Then you can see a button Get Grammarly; please click on it to register with this tool by providing your Name and Email ID details.


So all set for you to use this tool’s premium version for free for a total of 1 week.

If you like this tool and want to use it without spending on premium version after one week, go ahead with the free version but as already mentioned it only offers limited features.If you want to have the benefits in total from this tool, then can pay the amount on a monthly basis and use the premium version.

Those who ever wants to learn English or want to blog in English should have to take a look at this tool for the Excellency it offers.

Please register for a free version, get to know the tool and good luck for your English learning!

Go to Grammarly Tool

Our Rambabu may just be using this tool for a good outcome of Love Letter, But you continue using it for improving your skills with The English language.

Thanks for your time on Reading up and please do not forget to share this useful information with friends.

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