List of Top skills to get the Job in 2016

25 skills for a job 2016
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Dear Brother, Time is changing. As we see, one struggles to get a job and the other struggles to keep the job.But the sole cause behind both the struggles is same, and it is nothing but lack of skill set.
Internet or Job market keeps changing at the rate we never imagine.So it is better to learn the subjects or skill sets which mark the pre-requisites for the job Industry.
Let’s not say we are not getting a job even after learning a course; Thing is Jobs are there, but the “matter” which companies needs are not there for the candidates applying for these jobs.
It is because job trend has changed and we need to change accordingly.Keep exploring in net on required skills along with the technical courses.
Top skills needed for getting a job in 2016:
The popular professional social networking site “Linkedin” publishes the top 25 most In-demand career skills for 2016 through their site.
I am Personally happy that the technology skill SEO in which I am currently working as well as providing training tops the list at 3rd position in average and is in demand. Even though it is a bit slow for the moment in India, I am sure it is going to take the top place in the coming two years from now
Please have a look in to the list in below PPT and click the link below it for more information.

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